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Streamline And Grow Your Karatbars Business With The Gold Rush MAC System

Streamline And Grow Your Karatbars Business With The Gold Rush MAC System

Leverage your time with the one system that can drive new business into your Karatbars organization

Leverage your time with the one system that can drive new business into your Karatbars organization

Activate Your Gold Rush MAC Account
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The Essential Tools To Run Your Karatbars Business Like A Pro

  • 3-Step Marketing Funnel
  • High Impact Landing Page
  • Professional Videos
  • Lead Capture Web Forms
  • Pre-Written Email Auto-Responders
  • Contact Manager
  • Activity Tracker
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Template Phone Scripts
  • Mobile Access (Anytime, Anywhere)
  • Complete Support
  • Automated PGR (includes registration and playback)

Plus…Tap Into A Steady Supply Of Fresh Leads To Fill Your Pipeline

[Optional, Leads Purchased Separately]

Never again go without a steady supply of fresh prospects.

Our national and global advertising campaigns drive real-time traffic, resulting in fresh leads delivered right into your Gold Rush MAC back office. Each lead has already watched a short video about Karatbars and has requested additional information.

The Power To Build And Manage With Ease

We never stop working for you. When you activate your Gold Rush MAC account, you’ll be instantly plugged into a continual stream of innovation and support to help you grow. It means you get all the support you need without ever having to reinvent the wheel.

Complete 3-Step Marketing Funnel
Our professional presentation walks your prospects through a high impact step-by-step presentation ensuring you speak only with pre-qualified prospects.
Online Contact Manager
Track and manage all your leads and prospects from any device (Phone, Tablet, Desktop). View your hottest prospect's activities at-a-glance. Follow-up tasks and to-dos are always right at your fingertips!
Lead Capture Landing Page
Professionally designed landing page captures your prospect’s email address and drives prospects through the complete Karatbars presentation.
Easy Email Broadcasting
Keep up communications with your prospects and team easily. Send any message, anytime, to any individual or group either real-time, or for future delivery.
Professional Videos
Allow the Gold Rush MAC system to present the Karatbars opportunity for you 24/7 with both a short trailer and a full-length informative presentation.
Leadership Training and Support
Receive continual updates and training invitations from Karatbars top leaders so you always know what’s working. Access online training as well as live webinars and local events happening in your area.
Lead Capture Web Forms
Prospects can easily request information through your personal online web form. You’ll be instantly notified and your prospect’s info conveniently entered for you.
Activity Tracker and Instant Alert
Track all your prospect's activities through the entire sales cycle. Receive instant text messages or emails when prospects complete certain activities, such as visit or revisit your site, watch a movie and more. Alerts help you focus on your best prospects.
Automated Email Follow-Up
Professionally written autoresponders deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new business. Plus, customize your own.
Detailed Reporting
All the information you need with one or two clicks – monitor traffic, downloads, and conversions as well as any contact's entire history, including which movies they watched and for how long!
Daily Lead Updates
Receive daily reports to enable you to effectively and efficiently manage and track your newly generated leads.
System Training and User Guides
Intuitive and familiar system offers convenient video hints and trainings right on the page - Printable User Guide download.
Online Appointment Calendar
Never miss a follow-up, meeting, or anything! Group events are automatically added by your team's administrator too!
Live Customer Care
Friendly and reliable U.S.-based customer support available by phone and email.
Prewritten Telephone Scripts
Present the Karatbars opportunity with the confidence of a true professional.
Automated Webinars (available this Fall)
Automated Webinars feature gives you the ability to schedule and run your online Private Gold Reception (PGR) whenever you want or you can schedule them as recurring events anytime of the day, everyday. It will seem like Live Webinars to Attendees. Webinar Registration grabs contact info when they sign up to attend, so you have a record of all who attended your PGR. Webinars contain Calls to Action to prompt Attendees to take the next step. Autoresponders are sent based on webinar attendance, absence, action or non-action.



Premier provides additional power tools, including your own toll free number with unlimited minutes and virtual office, video email, Live Chat, and a 100-line private conference bridge. Premier is just $49.95 a month with a one-time $10.00 activation fee, due your 2nd month.

Personal Toll Free Number With Virtual Office

iTeleCenter delivers information and presentations to prospects and will forward the calls you want to answer. Publish your toll free Number on your website, flyers, Facebook, blog, etc. while protecting the privacy of your home and mobile phone numbers

Live Chat

Actually “see” the visitors who are on your site and communicate with them in real-time!

Video Email

Embed cool videos right into your email, making them magnetic and impossible to resist.

100-Line Conference Bridge

Host and record unlimited conference calls with up to 100 people with your own, dedicated, private conference line. Record, replay, and even download your conference calls!

Be a Team Leader

Share your own customized contact categories, email campaigns, training and more


Professional campaigns, presentations and follow-up you can leverage and share. Enjoy leadership training from the best of the best...

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