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How It Works in Four Easy Steps

Generate a Steady Flow of High Quality Prospects

Magnetically attract an unending stream of prospects – even when you’re sleeping! Save hours of time and easily identify your winners using our proven marketing strategies and techniques.

Professionally Present Your Opportunity 24/7

Both newbies and pros benefit when the “system does the selling.” Use this perfectly designed “sales funnel” to systematically create prospect interest, answer questions, and overcome common objections.

Automatic Follow-Up with Proven Results

Your system works around-the-clock to deliver media-rich emails, videos, and compelling information that engages, educates, and ultimately converts your prospects. Instant alerts let you know when contacts are hot and ready to be contacted.

Sign Up New Reps
Grow Your Team Fast

Accelerate your team’s success with our plug-in system. New people can duplicate results faster and easier than ever before. Grow your business quicker and stronger with a proven system.

High Impact Landing Pages & Marketing Site

Attract more and better people with our proven landing pages and web pages. Targeted landing pages help you generate more leads faster. Our custom-designed marketing site helps to impress and further qualify your prospects. This is a perfect “sales funnel” that gets rid of time wasters, and ensures you’re only working with interested and qualified people.

Every Feature You Need in ONE Simple System!

No need to go to 3, 4, or more vendors to get the on and offline tools you need. Everything you need is available under one umbrella. Simply choose the level of service that meets your needs most! Use the comparison chart below.

  • Pro provides all the fundamentals you need to boost your business immediately. Pro service is just $16.95 a month, due your 2nd month.
  • Premier provides additional power tools, including your own toll free number with unlimited minutes and virtual office, video email, Live Chat, and a 100-line private conference bridge. Premier is just $34.95 a month, due your 2nd month.
  1. Award Winning Features

  2. $16.95 monthly

  3. $34.95 monthly

  1. Online Contact Manager

    Track and manage your entire business from any computer. View your hottest prospect’s activities at-a-glance. Follow-up tasks and to-dos are always right at your fingertips!

  1. Multiple High-Converting Landing Pages

    Professionally designed “squeeze” pages to convert quality leads into product or opportunity prospects

  1. iCallBlazer

    Dial phones, leave messages, send follow-up emails, and maintain perfect contact notes with one mouse click!

  2. Available as an Add-On Service

  3. Available as an Add-On Service

  1. Custom Lead Capture Web Forms

    Create lead capture forms to put on any web page like blogs, social networking sites with cut-and-paste ease

  1. High-Impact Movies

    Present your product and opportunity 24/7 with compelling video

  1. Activity Tracker and Instant Alert

    Track all your prospect’s activities through the entire sales cycle. Receive instant text messages or emails when prospects complete certain activities, such as visit or revisit your site, watch a movie and more. Alerts help you focus on your best prospects

  1. Unlimited Email Autoresponders

    Professionally written autoresponders deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new business

  1. Easy Email Broadcasting

    Keep up communications with your prospects and team easily. Send any message, any time, to any individual or group either real-time, or for future delivery.

  1. iPhone/iPad and Android Apps

    Easily manage contacts on-the-go! Get push alerts for recent activity, etc. Keeps your business at your fingertips.

  1. Online Appointment Calendar

    Never miss a follow-up, meeting, or anything! Group events are automatically added by your team’s administrator too!

  1. Compelling Banner Ads

    Choose from different sizes and designs – cut-and-paste the code on any website or in any email to promote traffic

  1. Import Leads & Contacts

    Import existing leads, prospects, and contacts from your address book or from a data file

  1. Web, Email, and Visitor Traffic Reporting

    All the information you need with one or two clicks – monitor traffic, downloads, and conversions as well as any contact’s entire history, including which movies they watched and for how long!

  1. Video Training and User Guide

    Intuitive and familiar system offers convenient video hints and trainings right on the page – Printable User Guide download

Premier Features Include:

  1. Personal Toll Free Number with Virtual Office*

    iTeleCenter delivers information and presentations to prospects and will forward the calls you want to answer. Publish your toll free Number on your website, flyers, Facebook, blog, etc. while protecting the privacy of your home and mobile phone numbers

  1. Live Chat

    Actually “see” the visitors who are on your site and communicate with them in real-time!

  1. Be a Team Leader

    Share your own customized contact categories, email campaigns, training and more

*Your iTeleCenter includes 5,000 minutes per month. That’s more than double what most
people’s mobile plans offer! Minutes beyond 5,000 are billed at 5.9 cents per minute.
Note: 97.3% of our members have never used more than 5,000 minutes per month!
**Referral credit will be given only for active referrals who are on the same (or better)
package as you.

$16.95 monthly

$34.95 monthly

30 day Trial!
30 day Trial!

Why Premier is Clearly the Better Value

Just LOOK at what Premier service offers you… an unlimited use toll free number, video email, live chat, 100-Line Conference Bridge and more! These services would range from $19.95 to $49.95 a month if purchased individually. We negotiated the right deal to get them plus all the PRO features together under one umbrella for JUST $34.95 a month. Premier offers you every tool you need to market and promote your business successfully and integrated it into one, easy to use back office. It’s simply brilliant, and less than a cup of coffee a day!

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